Welcome to Smart Mouth Smut


Ever wanted to know what it might feel like to sit in a room full of gossipy, opinionated and perverted girls? Well, sit back and enjoy, because here your deviant self will be in good company. Do you like a hot Military Man into light bondage? Are you intrigued by mustachioed Dominant men? Or, are you bored with everything you find on the book shelf and looking for something completely different?

Now you can have the best of both worlds with Chloe and Sabine.

Here is our disclaimer. We are not gross pervs. Ok, fine we sort of are. So be prepared to read about lots and lots of hot, steamy, and sometimes weird, sex. Sabine gets bored easily (*shiny object*) and she can only read so many happy romances before she needs to throw a wrench into things to make her long for a sappy vanilla romance again. Chloe subsists on good smut and can clearly recognize which Dom, Hero, Military Man, Tattoo Artist or Wealthy Businessman can flip her switch.

We tell it like it is, from sappy romances to alien porn, we’ll review ‘classics’ like 50 Shades (and don’t even think we won’t be first in line when the movie comes out!) we read it so you can decide if you want to. Whatever your kink—Smart Mouth Smut reads it all!