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Today we have bestselling erotic romance author Cherise Sinclair with us to answer our 20 questions version of Truth or Dare….well, sort of just the truth part. To say we are excited is a huge understatement. We’re sorta wetting ourselves/jumping up and down/giddy like schoolchildren, you get the point. Could we be any clearer? Those who follow our blog know that we love Cherise’s books. Her Club Shadowlands series is our absolute favorite, full of hot doms, sexy subs and emotionally and sexually gripping storylines.
Thanks so much, Cherise, for stopping by our humble blog. We are over-the-moon honored to have you here!
SM: Your first book was published in 2009…so what in the world was your brilliant mind doing before you became an author?

CS: Would you believe I was a home health nurse? And I continued working for quite a while after being published. Perhaps my background is why I really stress playing safely.

SM: The first book you wrote is Club Shadowlands, right? We wouldn’t even know where to begin that research process. How did you do your research?

CS: Research can definitely be the best part of writing! LOL So, for actual hands-on knowledge where I don’t have experience, my dearheart lets me visit BDSM clubs—although he won’t play in public—and conventions and workshops. I also have friends in the lifestyle and, of course, the usual books. In a pinch, the people on are wonderful about answering questions.

SM: You have several books with ménages. While you introduce gay and bisexual characters throughout your books, we have yet to experience any same-sex lovin’. Any plans to add any m/m or f/f in the mix?

CS: Probably not to any extent. During an author-reader conference, I asked my readers if they’d wanted a f/f book, and they said no. For m/m, I might tuck a few scenes in here and there—as with Dixon and Stan from Edge of the Enforcer—but there are so many awesome authors writing m/m, I don’t see a need to switch (sorry, couldn’t resist ).

SM: You are well known for your BDSM novels and you’ve also written sci-fi. Any other genre you’re toying with? (Rave-filled side note: You are masterful at writing great suspense…the slaver storyline, Beth’s ex and the guys after Lindsey had us clamoring on the edges of our seats!)

CS: Thank you! So far, I have paranormal, contemporary, sci-fi—and some of those have suspense. Probably the only direction I’d go now would be into more mainstream romance and less erotic.

SM: If you could be any of the subs in Dark Haven or Shadowlands for a night, who would you be?
CS: Well, I adore Master Z and Master Nolan, so I’d happily take Beth or Jessica’s place.

SM: Book three is one of my favorites (Chloe here). I just adore Beth. But in the beginning, there was a pretty hot scene between Nolan, Sally and Cullen. If you could be the “Sally” in a dom sandwich, which two doms would you choose?

CS: Although I’d love two strict Doms together (like Master Nolan and Dan), sometimes it’s easier for the Doms when co-topping to have one more easy-going than the other. So, I guess I’ll go with Master Raoul and Nolan. Listening to, “Do not move, gatita,” when being wrapped in rope? Oh, yeah.

SM: Your books have taken place in Florida, San Francisco, Seattle, the Pacific Northwest, and Nexus. Where do you anticipate your next series might take place?

CS: I’m considering another Pacific Northwest one, actually. I love the area—maybe because I’m addicted to snuggling by a fire.

SM: Any chance you’ll start a new series called Club Shadowlands: Honeymooning? With everyone falling in love and getting married, that just allows for a plethora of sexy material for you to continue with. (Shameless request, can you tell we don’t want The Shadowlands to end?)

CS: Y’all are too funny! And no, my dears, you’re not getting a new Shadowlands series. But since each book gives you the previous characters, at least you get a bit of the honeymoon feeling, right?

SM: Holt, Mistress Anne, Saxon…are they all getting a story? (We’ve been waiting a long time for Mistress Anne to get her sub.)

CS: Mistress Anne has threatened me (Me, the author! Humph!), so I guess she’ll get the next book to come. After that, we’ll see.

SM: From Dark Haven, Ethan is a great dom. We’d love to see him get a sub of his own. Do you have any plans for him?

CS: He’s a definite possibility when I get back to Dark Haven. Whenever I “steal” a submissive from a Dom and give her to the hero, I feel guilty…and usually have to write the Dom a story to make up for it. That’s how Master Simon ended up starting the entire Dark Haven series.

SM: Let’s play F@ck-Marry-Kill with your Shadowland doms: Cullen, Nolan and Sam.

CS: You two are evil! LOL

Okay, I’d fuck Master Nolan, because he’s hot, marry Master Cullen because he’s (maybe) easier to live with than the other two, and although I adore Master Sam, I’m not into serious pain, so he has to go. I can’t believe you asked an author to kill off one of her heroes. *blinking in shock*

SM: Obviously, your books involve various toys and punishments. Is there one you’ve never tried but would like to? One that’s calling your name?

CS: Oh, yeah, but my husband won’t let me buy a fucking machine. *pout*

SM: On vacation, piña colada in hand, book in the other… Who are you reading? Any go-to authors?

CS: I adore Patricia Briggs’s Mercy series…well, actually all her books. And Sharon Lee and Steve Miller’s Liaden series. My comfort reads tend to be in the paranormal or sci-fi genres.

SM: We all had one… What was the one book you hid under your bed as a teen?

CS: Oh, I was a very good girl and never hid books—which is why I’d volunteer to clean my brother’s room. He had the best stuff hidden under his mattress, like the latest Penthouse. Lol

SM: Our signature question… You have to bed one for the night. Who do you choose? Alien or Sasquatch?

CS: Hmm, that’s a tough one. With my luck, I’d end up with some half-sized, amphibian-like alien covered in slime. Being a cautious sort, I’ll go for the Sasquatch. Big. Muscular. And afterward would be fun, like snuggling up to a massive teddy bear.

SM: We heard you’re a Scrabble fan. What’s your highest word score?

CS: Shoot, I have no memory for numbers. But I usually win.

SM: Care to share a guilty pleasure or two?

CS: Chocolate. Nibbled straight out of the wrapper or smeared… Well, you get the picture.

SM: You mentioned in a previous interview that your husband said no more pet adoptions because he wants to travel. Do you have a dream destination? Anyplace you might work into a book?

CS: I want to see Scotland (and bring a few Scottish warriors home). How many of us wouldn’t enjoy a hero who sounds like Sean Connery? And I hope to incorporate a few Australian scenes for backstory in a Dark Haven book.

SM: Ever thought of opening a Club Shadowlands of your own? Not sure if you know this but you would have a LONG line at the door opening night. *raises hands, woot, woot, we are first in line*

CS: Ah, volunteers to abuse. LOL Actually, if I were younger, I might have considered running a club. But now I’d rather write the books and be free to travel.

SM: Can we tag along with you next time you have to do research at a club? We promise to behave (or act bratty if there’s a hot dom nearby!) No, really…not joking. Oh, the sights you could show us!

CS: Well, that’s how I got to know Fiona Archer so well—dragging her along to a club when a friend backed out for the evening. You should have seen her eyes when a Dom asked if he could shackle her to a cross.

But you two? Sheesh, I’d have to gag you both at the door. And use leashes. Yeah, where did I put those leashes?
Thanks so much for having me here at Smart Mouth Smut. It’s been really fun. You realize that now I’m going to have a nightmare/dream of being double-teamed by two Scottish-accented Sasquatches!
SM: I think you made Sabine’s day by picking Sasquatch! You’ve been awesome, thank you so much for taking the time to answer all of our questions! We’re looking forward to meeting you in Kallypsocon in October. Be sure to visit Cherise at


  1. Mayme Hunter says

    I love this series. You are one of the *very* few authors I will go above my $ limit to buy another book from this series.

  2. Laura says

    Thank you for the interview. I’m so glad Mistress and is getting her own book and hopefully so will Ethan from Dark Haven. I am also looking forward to how she writes M/M with Dixon and Stan. I loved the question about who she would F..K, marry and kill, it was very unexpected and shocking to think of Cherise having to kill off one of her beloved Masters. Poor Master Sam. I really think Cherise needs to write a prequel to Club Shadowland so that we can read about Master Raoul and Nolan being co-tops. OMG how hot would that be.

  3. Denise Mora says

    I love this interview. Interviewers are wonderfully different and ask fun questions. Cherise Sinclair answers the questions and has fun doing it. I cant wait for more stuff to read.

  4. Donya says

    Loved this interview. So much fun. Loved the questions. I can’t believe you’d ask her which Dom she’d kill off. I guess since she had to choose. I like Dom Nolan, but Dom Cullen is by far my swooning favorite. Gonna have to start following your blog. Really enjoyed the interview, would like to see your other interviews and comments

  5. Marie craggs says

    thank you for sharing your insight cherise. I absolutely love all your books. I’ve got them all on my kindle. And gradually adding to my bookshelf at home. I always buy books in paperback that grip me and they take pride and place in my home on my book shelf oops I mean bookshelves. (Sorry hubby) he has to keep adding more and more shelves lol keeps him busy and me happy

  6. karie Hutchinson says

    As a writer myself it’s always nice to be able to get the insight other authors take on things. I love this interview!

  7. Audra Hart, author of the Airendell Chronicles says

    I enjoyed this interview. Cherise is a hoot. Love her books but we may have words over her threat to kill off Master Sam, the sexy as f_ _ k sadist!

  8. Terry-Lynne Hause says

    I absolutely love Cherise’s writing……only wished I had known all of this 30 years ago… Keep writing And we will live through all your books!

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