Review of The Accused by Arla Dahl

Review of The Accused by Arla DahlThe Accused by Arla Dahl
Published by Brooklyn Rose Press on 09/26/2014
Pages: 128
Format: eARC
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The Accused (Immoral Virtue, #2)

by Arla Dahl (Goodreads Author)

4.57 of 5 stars 4.57 · rating details · 7 ratings · 3 reviews

"The Accused draws the reader into a roiling world torn between lethal paranoia and sexual combustion, dread and incapacitating pleasure, as tender flesh is ruthlessly tested for evidence of witchcraft." – best-selling author Pam McKenna

“This story is perfect to curl up with on a spooky autumn night, with a cup of hot cider, and get lost in a decadent place where your wicked fantasies and fears come true." – erotic romance author Debra Druzy

"Explosively erotic with unexpected twists and surprises that keep the pages turning.” – 2013 RITA Finalist, Pamela Hearon

From the Author:

THE ACCUSED, Book 2 in the Immoral Virtue Trilogy continues the highly erotic, non-romantic, tale of resistance and of submission. Due to its explicit sexual nature, with elements of BDSM and dubious consent, THE ACCUSED is intended for audiences 18 and over.

There is no shame in pleasure.

“Wherefore for the sake of fulfilling their lusts (women) consort even with devils.” -Heinrich Kramer, 1486 “Malleus Maleficarum” (The Hammer of Witches)

To clear their names and save their souls the accused are stripped and bound before all as they await their governor’s examination.

At the governor’s direction, Abigail Prescott, herself accused as a witch a mere hour past, will help test the women’s responses, for a witch marked by the devil cannot feel, no matter how gently caressed, no matter how deeply probed. Under the governor’s scrutiny Abigail is to thoroughly examine their naked flesh for the black mark of the beast.

But the prideful Elizabeth Hobbs withdraws consent. And her fate is sealed. Taken deep into the forest by the watchman, she will remain naked and open to the elements to await her punishment.

Stirred by her proud tears, the watchman touches her. Soothes her. But when a man succumbs to a witch’s charms, he too stands among THE ACCUSED
The Accused, Book Two in Arla Dahl’s Immoral Virtue series is riveting. I started it before I flew to Seattle and couldn’t wait for the flight so I could get a chance to finish it. I was nervous about starting this book, not sure what to expect since I liked book one so much. I wasn’t sure if it would be more of the same but it was so different and I was mesmerized.

Book two continues the inspections of the accused. This time around Abigail assists Jameson is his thorough examinations. I have to say, this part was EXTREMELY arousing. I’m not usually a fan of f/f but this was so erotic, I was squirming in my chair. There is also a lot of heat between Abigail and Jameson.

I love Arla’s writing style, she must have done so much research. You really feel like you are there, in that world with the characters.

I loved this book, here are some of my favorite things… I will do my best not to give spoilers. I loved the beginning and the introduction of Elizabeth. What a strong character. I want her to end up with the watchman…holy crap, I love him! I am so relieved that Abigail and Jameson still have that special connection between them. The ending, made me go “WTF, how long do I have to wait to find out how it ends?!” It was a great cliffhanger, the perfect ending, totally unexpected and I can’t wait to read book three.

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Overall: 5


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    I’m reading book one now and it’s nothing like I expected! After reading this review, I’m so excited for book two (which I won in a context! Woohoo!)

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